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5 Reasons You Need a Smartwatch

moto360There has been a great deal of hype around the launch of the various smartwatch products, such as the newly announced Motorola 360 Smartwatch. But do these smartwatches come even close to living up to the hype that their makers have attempted to wrap around them?  We think so, especially if a big player like Apple, gets into the smartwatch game. That being said, here’s a look at five reasons you should get a smartwatch.

1) Never Miss A Message

In some instances, it can be considered very rude to check your phone when you get a new message. While a smartwatch will not permit you to reply (at least for now), it will show the message, allowing you to unobtrusively check to see its importance, and then decide if it is worth getting your phone out or not. This allows you to keep on top of your messages and emails, without attracting attention when you’re in a meeting or out for a meal with friends or colleagues.

2) Ease of Use

The fact that traditional watches have been largely replaced by the smartphone makes the smartwatch a return to the convenience of the original design of the wristwatch. This means that you don’t have to dig out your phone to check the time, but allows you to check emails, text messages and missed calls at the same time. Also, most designs to date have been showcased to show the simplicity of the device, often times only having 1 button on the side. This simplicity will make things a cleaner and more efficient experience for the end user.

3) Easy Video Conferencing

For those who use Skype or Facetime on a regular basis, this will be a neat feature that may be built into some watches. Watches may include a front facing camera that will keep those Skype/Facetime conferences subtle, helping to ensure that you are not disturbing the people around you too greatly. Of course we will all have to get used to looking at our wrists when we talk to somebody, and taking “wrist selfies”. Now the NSA will be able to see outside of your pocket, how exciting!

4) Emergency Notification

How often do you ignore your phone when you are doing something? How much more difficult would ignoring your watch be? The simple fact that a smartwatch is easier to glance at than a phone means that it will be far easier for emergency notices to be passed to those who need them most. This allows notifications of break-ins, fires, and a wide range of other potential emergencies to be relayed to your smartwatch instantly, and without the risk of it being overlooked until it is too late.  Maybe the Cloak app, known for alerting you when your friends are near (so you can avoid them) will have some type of interaction with this watch feature in the future.

5) Dictation/Personal Assistant

While this technology has not been fully developed just yet, it is to be expected that it will be improved upon rapidly in the next few years. This will make the smartwatch truly the heart of the business world, allowing you to simply dictate things like emails or text messages into your watch, thus speeding up the world of business communication significantly. Consider it like a personal assistant, that is always there on your wrist – listening to you – watching you – all the time.

So, there you have it. Five good reasons to look into buying a smartwatch in 2014. While this is still a new technology, and will certainly be further developed in the next few years, there is little need to hold back from joining in this trend right at the outset – well besides the cost.

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