Anton Bauer Announces New, Improved Batteries

Vitec Videocom announced a new line of professional batteries powered by Anton Bauer. The batteries will feature padded and separated honeycomb style smart cells, internal cushioning, longer life times, and less overall weight. There is also now a P-Tap output directly on the battery, meaning the battery plate is no longer required to power through P-Tap now. These batteries are boasting 1,000 cycles, around 300 more than competing brands and have a larger lifespan of 4-5 years. The batteries come in 90W, 150W, and 190W versions; Vitec Videocom also announced a V-Mount option that will be available (opposed to the current AB Gold Mounting preference). The V-Mount battery options are powered by Anton Bauer technology and going to be branded with the Sachtler name (Sachtler and Anton Bauer are both Vitec companies).

Both AB-Mount and V-Mount versions will retail for $379.

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