Facebook Hides Some Messages Sent to You

Today I stumbled across something I cannot believe I didn’t know existed on Facebook before – the “others” tab in the message box. Accidentally clicking into this pandora box of messages has kept me busy all day replying to messages and answering questions from people I had no clue messaged me.

So just what exactly am I talking about when I say the “others” tab? Well, Facebook calculates messages sent to you based on the likeliness that someone is spam by factoring in a few variables:

1 – Are you friends on Facebook?
2 – Do you have any mutual friends?
3 – How many messages you have sent in the past hour?
4 – Have you talked to this person before?

facebook notificationBased on those 4 rules, Facebook will automatically sort incoming messages as regular messages, or spam messages. If the message is qualified as a “regular message” (99.9% of the time) it will be delivered to your inbox, and you’ll see a notification (see photo). The spam messages will be delivered to an inbox called “other”, that does not prompt any notifications letting you know you have received a message. In my case, the “spam” messages were actually real people that wanted to talk, and a couple business opportunities. I am not happy to be seeing some of these messages now for the first time, instead of 8 months ago, when the message was first sent to me.

After sharing my discovery with my local friends on social media, many people asked for instructions on how to find the hidden “other messages” box on Facebook. I then posted some instructions which led to others own discoveries of hidden messages on their Facebook accounts. I figured I should probably post a couple quick instructions to find the “other” box for yourself. So, here you go:


If you are on your Facebook homepage, click on your messages box in the top right corner (the two chat bubbles). Then click on the “other” tab insides the message box that appears near the top left.






If you are already in the messages page, click the “other” button located at the top left of the page.




Anyways, hopes that helps you all – now have fun reading messages that you should have gotten months ago (or years). Oh, and be sure to keep an eye on the number next to the “other” button for future messages.

© 2014, Payton Peterson. All rights reserved.

  • Phil Carson

    Wow! No clue this existed. Thanks!

  • Melinda

    If you are not directly connected to someone on Facebook, you can pay $1 to have your message to them appear in their main messages, otherwise, it will go into their “other” mail box.

    Also, you cannot see your “other” messages when using a mobile app. You have to log into Facebook on a browser to see if you have “other” messages.

    Glad you had some good messages in there! : )

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