Has Doomsday Already Passed?

For all of you doomsdayers out there, with your fully armed bunkers, gas masks, and canned food stocks, have no fear. Due to a loophole in the calendar, the end of the world may have already passed.

A brief history lesson:

The Mayans civilization existed in northern South America and southern North America. They created a calendar of 52 years, the average lifespan of a person at that point, under the assumption that every milestone in a person’s life can be recorded in 52 years, 18,980 specific days, they called this calendar the “Calendar Round.” But, of course, they needed a longer calendar for larger events that spanned longer than 52 years.

To solve this, they created the “Long Count” calendar based on a mathematically predictable calendar and not arbitrary amounts of time. They set this calendar to begin in 3114 B.C. and made to run for a full 5126 years, landing the “end of time” on 2012 A.D. and the winter solstice for the northern hemisphere, December 21st.

Many claim the Mayan Calendar correctly predicted the coming of the Conquistadors, the black hole at the center of our galaxy, the Civil War, and the end of the world.


The original Roman calendar has 355 days with 22 to 23 extra days added every three or four years to keep festivals and harvests around the same seasons. Julius Caesar decided to simplify this and add these days to all the months and make a 365-day year. But since each year has 365.24 days per year, he decided to add in the leap day every 4 years.

Now here’s the interesting part. Since the advent of the leap year in about 45 B.C., there have been about 514 leap days. Since the Mayan Calendar didn’t account for Leap Days, today would be somewhere between July 2nd and 13th, 2013. And the apocalypse would have happened about 7 months ago. So rest easy.

There are of course, people who claim that our arbitrary days weren’t the counting units for the Mayan Calendar and December 21st would be the Winter Solstice either way, but since the Winter Solstice falls in the Southern Hemisphere on July 21st, it could still be accurate with or without the Leap Year. And have already passed.

Here’s hoping we all survive!

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