Camera Fails

Hilarious Video of Robotic Cameras Doing the Wrong Things

In early 2013,  the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) installed a new robotic camera control system in several locations around their headquarters in London. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned when implementing new systems, especially a system this complex.


In this case, problems arose when cues were not entered correctly in the system, which caused cameras to go flying in all sorts of directions at the wrong moments. Besides that, it seemed BBC had a few issues getting some of their other systems to work correctly with this new system as well.

Growing pains are sure to be present when switching over to a fully automated studio workflow – as you will see in this montage video of mishaps during the 2013 year. Enjoy the madness!

What did you think of how the anchors pulled off the reactions to the mishaps around them? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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