Introducing ReKognition: The Closest the Public will get to Facial Recognition

ReKognitionFacial recognition software has come a long way in the past years, but has been mostly used for law enforcement and with large private companies. This is due to the technology and cost to deploy such an advanced system. Behind any good system, is a very large database of faces as well – which isn’t easy to get.

Lucky for us, a company named Orbeus has launched an online cloud-based platform called ReKognition. ReKognition will take almost any image and find a face in it, followed by then creating multiple facial points on all your facial features. Those points and the distances between them allow the software to run your face against a small database of celebrities (for testing purposes). You then get a result of how sure (in percentage) the system is of your gender, age, and who you look like.

The website also has a couple other neat things it can do, including concept recognition and scene recognition. Those are pretty neat as well and worth a shot.

How to use:


 Upload an image by dragging content into the box

 Let the system run for about 15 seconds

 Hover your mouse over the face in the photo to see some stats the system found

Hope you enjoyed your glimpse into the facial recognition world.

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