Over-Analyzed Movies – The Avengers Theory

In celebration of it being March 4th, meaning that in exactly 2 months our long awaited Avengers movie will hit theaters, I figured today was the day to share my theory.

Upon seeing the newest Captain America movie, using the vault of useless Iron Man knowledge locked away in the obsessive part of my brain, I had a startling realization.

But first, for those of you who have not seen it, Captain America (AKA, Steve Rogers) has the hots for Peggy Carter who is a hilariously empowered soldier-woman during WWII (because nothing is patriotic unless they’re killing nazis or Osama). But he doesn’t act on his feelings for soldier-lady because he thinks she’s “fonduing” with Howard Stark (the father of Tony Stark AKA Iron Man AKA Canned Sex). They finally hit it off when he figures out that Peggy’s not enjoying Stark’s “gadgets” (if you know what I mean…) but El Capitán has to be heroic, so he drives an airplane into the arctic north (mostly because he can’t figure out how to turn off Shmidt’s autopilot) and ends up in a superheroic coma for 70 years where he meets Eye-Patch Man (Nick Fury) after a dazed Tarzan-like run through modern-day New York City.

Now, we all know that the weird coma-ending was a set-up for the Avengers movie to get them all in the same time period. So, since the ’40s are pretty sure Stevo (Captain) is dead, Peggy Carter would obviously go get her fondue on with Stark and possibly even become Peggy Stark. Meaning that the little Tony would be her womanizing bundle of joy. Which means that Tony Stark would be working with his mom’s time travelling fella in the Avengers movie. Which, of course, would lead to some great personality clashes and Stark-brand humor much to Nazi-killer-boy’s expense. It would be great.

I doubt that wil find it’s way into the actual Avengers movie but the intentional overlap and distinct non-mention of Stark’s mother throughout the comics and movies leads to some potential. So I’m holding out hope.

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