Over-Analyzed Movies – Why a (Good) Justice League Movie is Not on the Way

Many people, after The Avengers, figured that this was the beginning of a trend where every cross-over and team-up that has ever happened in comics was going to be made into a movie; starting with a Justice League movie. This idea is just dumb. And I will tell you why it is dumb in the form of a numbered list:

1) Marvel had been building up to The Avengers for years, starting with The Hulk and then Iron Man and so on and so forth. They made every movie years in advance, dangling little after-credit snippets of Nick Fury in the faces of fanboys everywhere. I had eagerly awaited The Avengers for 4 years after Iron Man. This was an excellent plan and they executed it beautifully. They managed to make a cohesive universe out of their movies. However, the Justice League has only had 2 of those heroes made into movies recently. (Superman hasn’t had a good movie since the 60’s) And none of them had any hint of a lead-in or tie-together. And of those two, you could argue that they weren’t even the same genre. Which brings me to my next point…

2) In the case of the Avengers, all of the preceding movies had the same feel. They were all that over-arching “comedy-action with a dash of drama” kind of movie, as was the actual Avengers. However, only the Green Lantern and Batman have recent movies. And while the Green Lantern may have had that same Marvel-esque (however much worse) feel to it, Christopher Nolan has turned Batman into another thing entirely. While the Green Lantern was just kind of a joke and an excuse to sell a few movie tickets, Batman has become more of a dark, psychological issue of morals (especially after The Dark Knight). Mr. Nolan has, by making the best superhero movie of all time, effectively made a Justice League movie impossible. Unless…

3) They pull a Spiderman and do a Batman re-boot in a few years without Christian Bale or Christopher Nolan that fits into the slightly campy superhero genre a Justice League movie requires. They have to “dumb down” Batman to a cross-over level. (Or raise the rest up, but I’ll get to that later.)

4) But even if they do manage to make a new movie for most of the Justice League members, lets be honest, they’re all a little old-fashioned. With Iron Man and The Hulk and, hell, even Captain America, Marvel essentially gave them 21st-century reboots. They made them badass and modern. But let’s just think about this for a second. How do you make Aquaman badass? Or even Superman. If we tried to put Superman in the modern world for even a second, without ignoring things like facial recognition or the general intelligence of humanity, he would need more than a pair of glasses as a disguise. He would have to be completely re-designed (Which they are attempting soon with Man of Steel. If they can pull that off, I may have hope. And if anyone is going to do it, it will be Nolan.)

This man: Savior of a genre.

So even if we do get a Justice League movie, we’ll have to wait years for DC to give all the heroes a gritty reboot and a few more years after that to give the Justice League movie a prayer at getting out of the Dark Knight’s shadow.

(Or, if we, as a population of hopeful fanboys/girls, may be so lucky, they could hand the whole franchise to Christopher Nolan, feed him money, and have him crap out a ton of awesome superhero movies, leading into an amazing and wonderful Justice League. But, unfortunately, the world is simply not perfect or merciful enough for that.)

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