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PreRelease: Slice Up EVERYTHING With Bokida

At first, when I heard about this game, it sounded like Minecraft. You create blocks, then destroy them. It’s a pretty standard format by now, right? Only, Bokida takes that mundane formula and chops it up (pun absolutely intended). In the demo, you are given a variety of tasks and controls to master, including the placement of large green cubes. Once these cubes are in place, and stacked at an impossible angle, the real fun begins. Because then the game introduces the slicing mechanic, which lets you chop up those impossible shapes you just made into bits and pieces.

cut game 1

The controls are simple to master, if a little jerky. You hit 1, then are able to place whatever you’d like in the world, at any location. And after that, if you hover over a placed block you get the option to create new blocks branching out from it. These blocks also allow you to access every part of the huge map you wind up in (which in itself is incredibly cool, vectors and geometric shapes are all around). But when you’re tired of making your giant tower, or stairs, or whatever you decide to build all you have to do is hit 2 and you are greeted with the three small lines that tell you cutting is now an option. You can use the mouse wheel to control the angle of a slice to produce even weirder cuts. The 3 hotkey lets you push pieces that you’ve cut off, making everything shift, and 4 lets you blow things up if you aren’t satisfied, or want something to explode violently.

cut game 2

The game started out as a graduation project for a small group at the end of their college lives in Paris, France. It now composes of an 8 man development team who have been working on the project since the middle of 2013. The team intends to use the game to “[create] an experience where we’d allow the players to express their creativity and where they would feel free to apprehend and explore the open virtual world according to their own motivations.” If you want to play, go to their website here and try the demo, or download the windows version for a cleaner run with less lag. And if you would like to see the full game released, be sure to vote yes on their poll, down in the “project” section of the site


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