PS4 vs. XBOX ONE: What Happened at E3?

Games E3Did you watch the E3 gaming convention during the summer of 2013? If you did, you would know that Sony’s new PS4 made the viewers go wild. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Xbox One, was set up with a plethora of restrictions, like not having the privilege to play used games. Those restrictions did not bring very good fan-feedback on social websites such as Twitter and Tumblr. Even though the PS4 had possibly won people’s hearts at the gaming convention, the Xbox One still built itself a sales gap between the new-generation consoles, putting it ahead in sales.

The trick to the sales push is simply this. After the outcry about the online restriction and such, Microsoft decided to remove the restrictions, which gained more respect for the Xbox One. I went and talked to the manager of Game Force, a little game store that gives great service on used games nearby my humble abode, about Microsoft’s intentions behind their actions with the Xbox One. With his skills in marketing, he would know why Microsoft had put on the restrictions in the first place. He had said that Microsoft placed the restrictions on the Xbox One to see if they would gain the favor of the fans and the market. Therefore, they wanted to see if they could gain more money.

However, the outbreak of harsh words from the fans left Microsoft with no choice but to remove the restrictions.

Other than the dark side of their conference at the E3 convention, Microsoft revealed some rather interesting new equipment in stock for the release of the Xbox One. What really caught my eye from their list of games, was Halo 5.

I was both excited and shocked. The trailer that Microsoft used to reveal the sequel to one of the highly anticipated game series on the Xbox was a tricky one. It seemed like a trailer for another game, but everyone knows what Master Chief looks like, so at some point in the trailer, it became obvious that Halo 5 was on its way through production and hopefully into stores near you soon.

Microsoft has other titles in the works, but the releases for the PS4 got me even more excited. Infamous: Seven Sons was one of those releases. Cross platform games such as Destiny, said by many to be a slight spin-off of Halo, made me feel more contempt about my decision to eventually get a PS4.

Every year, game developers and companies produce more advanced technology, truly catching the eyes of the die-hard fans. What will they come up with next? Or, better yet, what console have you decided to get next? Keep your eyes on the lookout because technology changes all the time. Additions could easily be made in the future, so don’t stop now. There’s even more additions to come after the releases of the new generation consoles. Good luck out there shoppers.

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