Nong Youhui’s Glowing Eyes

Real Life X-Man? Chinese Boy Born with Glowing Eyes, Has Night Vision.

“Chinese girls don’t come with green eyes.”  Do you know this movie quote?  Well if not, let me tell ya.  It’s from John Carpenter’s action-packed fantasy  flick, Big Trouble in Little China.  In the film, the chinese woman with green eyes had a special power that could give the antagonist, Lo Pan the sorcerer, eternal youth.  Well oddly enough, Nong Youhui a young boy from China, was born with baby blue eyes.  Not only are these eyes oddly blue, but they glow in the dark!  Nong also has the ability to see clearly in the dark.  How cool is this?  Very cool.  Is this an extraordinary story?  Yes and no.  Yes, because a boy with glowing eyes can see in the dark! Duh!  No, because there are other children around the world being born with special super-human abilities.  You wanna know more about them?  Then stay tuned to for my later posts.  Until then, catch you on the flip side.

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