Superman + GoPro = Awesome Video

Looks like Superman found a GoPro, strapped it to his head and went for a flying session.

What you are about to watch is pretty awesome, so enjoy – then read my VFX breakdown below:

Here is my breakdown and opinion on how some of this was shot, I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree with me in the comments below.

Update: Just realized the makers of this video (Corridor Digital) made a BTS video – which I did not see until I finished writing what I wrote below, so hopefully I’m close to spot on with my predictions.

0:19 – Transition from head strap to quadrocopter
0:22 – Hands are added in and white balanced (somewhat) to a daylight, recorded in front of a green screen. Shadow was either added in post, or was shot by moving back and forth on a swivel and using real shadows from lights in studio.
0:25 – Train is running a bit fast? Probably because they sped up the footage in post to give a flying feeling
0:32 – Good color matching again between background and hands (cloudy, darker)
0:34 – Time warp + some atmospheric effects added in, and some motion blur.
0:37 – Amazing pilot of that quadrocopter! Looks like superman didn’t hit any trees on the way in, and didn’t get wet!
0:45 – No cop cars exited, but some nice red/blue lights give a great impression of such. Way to deck out normal cars for cop cars – I would have never noticed!
0:47 – Camera switches from quadrocopter during the bump to handheld. Wonder if they cut and shot it, or just used the quadrocopter as a fig rig.
0:50 – Hand movement probably made by speeding up the keyed shot and playing it forward/backward.
0:54 – Great fight sequence – the “oh crap” look on the guys face is amazing.
1:03 – Transition back to quadrocopter (or let go and let loose from fig rig mode)
1:18 – How do you film here?!?? Permits?
1:23 – VFX overlay, fire, smoke effects, keyframed and match moved
1:25 – Wonder how they did the “through smoke” 3D feel, not bad!
1:26 – Keyed a person and locked them onto the building
1:30 – Another keyed person, cool shot
1:32 – Now person in arms, with fans blowing hair
1:42 – Transition from quadrocopter to head camera POV
1:51 – Transition back to quadrocopter on spin move
1:59 – How you film here too!? Permits?!
2:08 – Zoomed in in post, then rotated the video
2:10 – Zoomed out to fill frame in screen
2:16 – Nice fast shots!
2:20 – Hmm, full body keyed?
2:30 – Superman clears frame (maybe)
2:34 – Superman added in post + ground effect + shadows, or just really good saturation and removed in post (moved up in post)

Let me know what you thought of the video from a VFX  and technology standpoint in the comments below.

© 2014, Payton Peterson. All rights reserved.

  • Josh Keller

    at :45 those were real cop cars. so you are wrong there.

  • Monica

    Well if there’s a person who has super powers in this video is the woman who is drop …
    What a perfect blow-dry after landing.

  • Hayfa

    I got carried away

  • Barbara

    Superman in Los Santos. We can do something like this in GTA V

  • Daddou

    Nice but something is wrong. The task is too Inlay with colors that do not match either. I’m surprised them! (not to mention the green which is reflected on the hands)

  • Eltifa

    I did not know Superman was from Los Angeles … ^ ^

  • Samia

    Sympathetic damn good, I like!

  • Jossica

    There’s the time to see the overlay but it’s still cool

  • Nâdya

    This is great, but I expected a passage X-ray after the woman placed on the ground. I’m disappointed. Superman this asexual foam :) :)

  • Sabrina

    It would be cool to use this idea for the next Man of Steel.

  • Mariane

    Great ! I loved it! I wonder how it’s done!

  • Marta

    nice video, congratulations to this team

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