What is it Really Like Working on a Movie Set? (VIDEO)

Movie sets are magical places to the public eye, but what is it really like working on one? Director, Kirk Sullivan, answers this question with a comedic video from the viewpoint of a PA intern (Production Assistant) working on a set, in a short film named “The Come Up”. Written by Chris Boyd, and Kirk Sullivan, this short film starring Patrick J. Adams, Troian Bellisario, and Michael Pare take you on a short adventure after a bag of per diem gets stolen on set.

The crew shot on the Warner Bro. Studio backlot, and The Culver Studios lot for most of the filming.


For anyone who works on a film set, you will enjoy the little things (ex: “dolly moves!”, and “copy that”). For the rest of the world, here is your glimpse into a slightly non-ordinary day on set. You will see an explosion, which was done without using CG. Feel free to pause the video and look at everything happening if you are curious about the set workflow, as it is pretty spot on.

“The Come Up” was chosen as a staff pick on the Vimeo website. Tell us about your on-set experiences in the comments below.

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