What is Wefollow?

Would you like to find other users of Twitter with the same interests, or look for the most prominent users of that interest on LinkedIn?  Wefollow will help you find the best most prominent people on Twitter known for your interest, or find your next employee on LinkedIn.  The site started out as a Twitter directory in 2009 and has grown to over 1.3 million users.  You can search by interest and by location and the site will show you the top users in that topic listed by what they call their “Prominence Score.”  The search allows you to quickly find and follow the most prominent users in your interests.

Wefollow is now trying to bring together all users in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Bringing all of these social networking sites into one single directory will create a unique experience in a single online community.  How is the Prominence Score calculated and is it better than any other rating now available on the social networking sites?

wefollowpromininceProminence is calculated by how prominent the listeners are of the user.  You can even find your own prominence and try to increase that by gaining more prominent followers.  When you join Wefollow you are asked for your interests, the site then goes out and looks at your followers and determines the Prominence Score of your followers then calculates your Prominence Score from off of their scores.  This is not a score made by just adding up how many tweets and retweets you get or how many followers you have.  The Prominence Score is a purely mathematical score like PageRank used by Google to rank the importance of pages in search engine results.

Your score may be low relative to another user and to account for that Wefollow groups users of similar scores.  They look at the curve of the Prominence Score for each interest and group all users below the median into one group.  Each interest receives a division of 12 groups making their measurements more granular.

Wefollow has just been acquired by the about.me site that allows users to create an online presence as a way to build a business, personal homepages, and public profiles.  They are a perfect place to create a presence, gain prominence, and drive people to your business.  You can think of this site as a Meta-social networking site gathering all of the best of each individual social networking site into a single site based on interest.  If you want to gather more people to look at your social networking for your business from specific interests or just want to increase the followers of your Twitter account then give Wefollow a try.

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