Where did ButterflyLabs go?

3/2/14 – UPDATE: Butterfly Labs is now online and fully functioning.

3/1/14 – Popular Bitcoin ASIC hardware/software company ButterflyLabs has mysteriously disappeared Friday evening. The company was just getting ready to roll-out their 600/GH and 300/GH cards that many individuals and companies have pre-ordered as early as 8 months ago. Their website currently just shows an empty blank white page at the moment. Although upon deeper digging, some of their directories still exist on the server. Reddit user “isdnpro” suggests, “In this case it’s HTTP 500 which is Internal Server Error, as opposed to serving up a HTTP 200 (Request OK) response with no content.” (source)  This could mean that we are only seeing a temporary problem, but we don’t have any way to confirm that at this time.

Besides that, the ButterflyLabs Twitter page is also not showing any new signs of activity. Does this mean that ButterflyLabs is going to leave us as well?

This comes just a few days after MtGox, a highly used Bitcoin/USD trading platform, went down due to mistakes made in the security of the platform.

What is next for Bitcoin? All I can say is that we are in for a bumpy ride – so strap on your seat-belts and hold on.

UPDATE: The ButterflyLabs forum still seems to be online, but the main website is still not loading correctly.

(I will be updating this page if any new information comes in. Feel free to comment if you know what is going on. Our official Reddit comment thread is located here)

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  • A Bitcoin User

    Good riddance to bad players.

  • http://www.therealaltcoin.org ThickAsThieves

    They are right behind you!

  • Daniel Veazey

    “Does this mean that ButterflyLabs is also going to leave us as well?”

    This sentence has some redundancy in it. You should either eliminate the word “also” or the words “as well.”

  • someone on the internet

    seems to load just fine for me 3-1-2014 10:26 EST

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